Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift) Training

CIH Services offers both Forklift Operator Training as well as Train-the-Trainer According to OSHA 70% of all forklift accidents could be avoided with proper training and a well implemented policy. OSHA requires that only trained and competent operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck. All powered industrial truck operators must be trained and certified by their organizations in accordance with: 29 CFR 1910.178(l). The training must be specific to the site and the type or types of forklifts in use. It is recommended by OSHA that refresher training be provided every three years. The operator training includes instruction on conducting and documenting the daily inspection of forklifts. OSHA has cited numerous employers for inadequate operator training including a national farm supply company located in Xenia, Ohio that faces a $258,672 fine for failing to maintain forklifts properly. https//ww.osha.gov/news/newsreleases/region5/04232018

Operator training typically begins in the classroom to understand the safety principles and the fundamentals of forklift operation and maintenance, like the proper way to get on and off the forklift and how to safely refuel or recharge a battery. Training is specific to the model of forklift the operator will be authorized to operate. After the classroom training and written test are complete, operators are given an opportunity to perform a hands-on driving test with the forklift, where they are placed into a safe environment for evaluation. Emphasis is given to safe practices such as looking in the direction of travel, proper positioning of the forks, and yielding to pedestrians.

In addition to forklift operator training, CIH Services also offers a forklift train-the-trainer class during which Supervisor or Management personnel are given the tools and skills they need to conduct forklift training “in house”. All of the forklift training provided by CIH Services is site-specific to ensure that the hazards of material handling that are unique to each facility are addressed including the exact make, model and type of forklift in use at the facility. We have provided forklift training to a wide variety of clients across many industry sectors including steel mills, distribution warehouses, construction contractors, waste management facilities and manufacturing plants.