Occupational Exposure Monitoring

For air sampling, we utilize MSA Escort Elf sampling pumps that are lightweight and comfortable for employees to wear for their workshift. We use Casella dBadge audiodosimeters that are wireless and sit on the collar of the employee. The dosimeter data is downloaded to a computer from where a minute by minute profile of the employee’s day can be printed. A Casella Type 1 Precision Sound Level Meter is used to prepare noise maps of your facility. Other equipment that we use routinely include TSI Q-Traks, Portacounts, EMF/ELF meters, ionizing radiation meters, heat stress monitors, thermal imaging cameras, surface air samplers, biopumps among many others.

Not all of our work is routine. Some of our more challenging projects included sampling for endotoxin near a sheep farm, sampling for antioneoplastic drugs in a research facility, sampling for airborne asbestos in the core of a nuclear reactor during refueling, and the preparation of the NASA/JSC Safety Manual.